Finnish Coaching Sessions

In December we were excited to announce training opportunities with Finnish Coach Atso Vesterinen over the Christmas and New Year period. Atso is currently coaching Happee Floorball Club U16 boys team in Finland where his sons Leo and Joel play. For context, they train 4 times a week + games at that level 😼 . Floorball is a prominent sport through Europe especially in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Norway, we have a long way to go in Australia.

As we were about to take a mid-season break for the 2016/17 Summer League over this period, it was all-hands-on-deck to find available training courts and secure bookings for this rare opportunity. Sessions were held during the week with an intra-club game on Saturday (7th January), in preparation for our fixtured Summer League game on the Sunday (8th January). We had the support from players as we couldn’t emphasise enough how awesome this opportunity was.

Tuesday 27th December, players from our Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Womens team:

Whiteboard Session

Tuesday 3rd January, players from our Division 1 and Division 2 team:

Atso was visiting Australia for 2 weeks with his family Sari, Leo and Joel Vesterinen, holidaying in Rockingham at a beautiful kitesurfing location. Our mens team (pre-Wolves) trained with Atso in 2012-13, it was great to have another opportunity to reunite with founding members and have our many new players experience Atso’s coaching.

Sunday 8th January, Division 1 summer league game (Wolves vs Roosters):


Atso, Sari, Leo and Joel; Thank you from the club for taking time out of your holiday, signed by all players who participated:

To Atso, Sari, Leo and Joel,


There are times when a simple thank you note won’t do…


We’ve all put in from training, the least we can give from taking time out of your holiday to help us learn new drills and define a playing system.


Thank you!
Western Wolves Floorball Club

Handover at the Vesterinen residence before returning to Finland. What was meant to be a brief stop ended up being many beers as goodbye until nearly midnight. Oops!

Wolves Thank You