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Thanks for wanting to register for the upcoming season, we're trying our best to promote the sport and get new players involved, here's to taking the leap! Some information you've probably read already:


  • The season starts October and runs through until March, playing every weekend (Saturday or Sunday).
  • Home & Away team structures, therefore game locations will vary (North/South).
  • We estimate there to be 16 rounds for each division, depending on number of teams.
  • Proposed structure by Floorball WA for this season:
    • Mens Division 1 & 2
    • Womens Division 1 & 2
    • Mixed Division 3


  • Following the registration day on August 25th, we will start training the following week (Wednesday, 1st September)
  • Minimum expectation is one scheduled club training per week (please speak to the club/coach if this is not possible for you).
  • Our first training will be at Lumen Christi College (where we've held our social floorball during the off-season), this replaces our social floorball unfortunately, so make sure to jump onboard!
  • This season, starting approximately October 9, we will be holding training sessions across 2 days. These sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30pm-8:00pm.


One season fee for full time players, giving you 6 months worth of floorball with no weekly game fees! Floorball is a lot cheaper and more accessible, making it great for you to play as your main sport or an off-season sport to compliment.

Part 1 | #Wolfpack Senior Membership

  • Minimum Upfront Payment: $60
  • Helping to cover basic equipment and training costs leading up to the season and gives you full voting rights as a #Wolfpack member!

Part 2 | Your Wolfpack Shirt

  • For new players or existing players who would like a new shirt
  • Shirt cost is free thanks to our generous sponsors this year

Part 3 | Season Fees for 2021/22 Season

Type Description ADD
(Full Season)
The standard membership for all players. Covering from the start to the end of the season all your games, trainings, club equipment and coaching. This membership now also includes your insurance cover with Floorball WA that is required by all players (there’s no need to pay the $50 AFA state fee separately anymore! We'll sort it) $340
Training Only
(Full Season)
Can't commit to games on the weekend but would still like to train? Register for a training only membership covering you for weekly club trainings over the entire season (~30). Training only is a special case and please confirm with a committee member first. $125
Training Only
Pay-As-You-Go to participate in Wolves club trainings. If you select this option 3 trainings are included within the #Wolfpack Senior Membership fee. Training only is a special case and please confirm with a committee member first. $10 per training

Example 1: Total Full Season fees for an Existing Wolves Player will be $60 + $340 = $400.
Example 2: Total Full Season fees for a New Wolves Player will be $60 + $340 = $400.


Grass roots floorball, keeping it real and about the players.


Training to start the week after our Registration Day.

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Player Details

Please Note: Men’s Division 1 and 2 will have a selection process during pre-season. If you wish to be considered for Division 2 or higher, you must indicate D1 or D2 on this registration form.
That is, playing an additional game above or below your division when the opportunity is available (FWA rules permit an individual with up to 5 double-ups per season)